Kola Saraswathi Vaishnav Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE

Vallabh Cultural Academy

We, at Kolasaraswathi, strongly believe in following the Vaishnav ethos and to promote and nurture Indian Art & Culture. To impress upon the young minds the significance of Indian heritage, classes are conducted twice a week, by renowed artists, under the auspices of "Vallabh Cultural Academy", headed by VCA Director.



Students have the advantage of learning the martial art of karate for self defence.

Music & Dance

The performing arts have always been enticing and help in identifying young talents that can be nurtured to blossom into professionals. Students are given ample opportunities to choose from various disciplines of fine arts like veena, nadaswaram, violin, tabla, mirthangam, tavil, keyboard, flute, guitar, vocal and dance.


Scouts & Guides

To create a future generation that is self-reliant, ever helpful, and compassionate towards others, we have Cubs & Bulbuls for Std III to V and Scouts & Guides for Std VI to VIII.

Oxford Advantage

Oxford Advantage provides a very comprehensive, well-knit platform for students. All the subjects are integrated very well. They are theme-based and are not split into different compartments. The Print and Digital Components match very well.
The Continuous Professional Development program is well structured and truly ensures all round development of the teachers.
The Parents also have an App where they can see progress of the child and monitor the curriculum.


Leader in Me

The "Leader in Me" programme is based on the book "7 Habits of highly effective people" written by Dr. Stephen Covey. The 7 habits are introduced to the children through systematic sessions and monitored by a team of 17 teachers in the lighthouse team for the smooth functioning of the programme.
This is a promising programme which will create emotionally strong individuals who will go on to become socially aware citizens and leaders too. It integrates the growth of the body, mind and soul."

Club Activity

Students are motivated in their areas of interest through various clubs like Science, Ecology, English, Tamil, Hindi, and General Knowledge. These help students sharpen their skills in speaking, presentation, and model making.


Interactive Learning

Extramarks’ Interactive Education brings complex concepts to life and enables students of std VI to std XII to interact, engage and play with them. This kind of study will induce excitement in the process of learning, thus motivating them to get back to academics without feeling the compulsion and pressure. Extramarks Pedagogy is based on the three-pronged approach of Learn-Practice-Test (LPT)

Counselling Services

Kolasaraswathi believes that a child is unique, especially those with special requirements. This is the very reason special educators and counsellors, have been brought in, who help students traverse their life path in spite of the hurdles they face and emerge as stronger individuals. This process starts with teachers identifying student(s) with such special needs.

The students are assessed individually for any specific learning disability and behavioural challenges. Some of the prescribed tests like S L D Test ,Bender Gestalt Test, Draw a man test,etc. These help assess the area in which the student requires help or is struggling. Then tailor made lesson plans for such children to enhance their academic performance are formulated on a case on case basis. Scribing for such children are also done.


Awakened Citizens Program

Here students identify their universal possibilities which inturn helps to kindle the importance of unique possibilities in every individual through real life experiences. This helps the students to inculcate moral values in them effectively.


To enhance the holistic development of students, yoga classes are conducted for students of std. VI to XII. Yoga asanas, pranayama and Meditations are being taught.This helps them to be physically and mentally fit and stay energetic to face the stress and challenges in their life.