The Vallabhacharya Vidya Sabha comprises of experienced persons who are extraordinarily ingenious, enthusiastic and passionate committed individuals who aspire to build a future generation which possesses a wholesome mind and body.

Smart Board

Our teaching methodology expands beyond the boundaries of traditional board and talk & chalk teaching to include technology and modern techniques wherever possible. To help students understand and visually relate to complex concepts, every classroom has been provided with projectors & visualisers. With the help of such technology we make sure our students have a firm grasp on the subject matter and are able to think in three-dimensional space.


The library provides open access to a large collection of books acquired over the years. The atmosphere and facilities encourage students to use this facility to greater advantage by providing Library periods and selecting books for them. The library is kept open after school hours and on holidays also.

Chemistry Lab

Balancing equations and a correct blend of chemicals can make a perfect solution to not only practicals in the chemistry lab but to life’s solutions too.

Physics Lab

The measurement of the length, breadth of appliances would trult help students to measure & monitor their holistic growth too.

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab caters to meet the latest…. The study of flora and fauna of nature moulds pupils to study their own biology of formation.

Computer Lab

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Maths Lab

A place where Math learning is made fun and student can understand a lot of concepts by means of numerous interactive physical tools, apart from classroom teaching. The Math lab is very helpful for better and thorough insight into concepts taught. It enables the teaching-learning process to be innovative, interesting and impeccable.

Medical Facilities

There is a separate room allocated for Apollo Shine managed by Apollo Hospitals. An a/c room with a full - fledged nurse is available to cater to first aid of students during school hours. A thorough medical check-up by a panel of qualified doctors is conducted yearly in the School campus for every student. A medical record is also maintained.

Music Room

The school provides ample opportunities for students with an aptitude for music. Professional tutors and availability of different musical instruments help the budding musicians to pursue their interests with ease.

Audio Visual Room

The school has a well-furnished and plush audio-visual set-up. It serves as a valuable educational aid and multimedia facility acting as a catalyst in not only creating interest but also in increasing understanding of the students in basic concepts of various disciplines.


The School has facilities for the students to play Throw Ball, Volley ball, Shuttle and Tennikoit. The students are encouraged to practice Yoga and play Table Tennis, Kho - Kho, Kabbadi, Athletics, etc., Drill and Physical training are the compulsory components of the curriculum. To encourage young sportsmen, the Management has provided many Rolling Cups and Shields for their achievements. There is a P.T. room where provision has been made for playing in-door games. A long jump pit has also been made ready to encourage the athletes.

English ASL Classes

The school understands the importance of good command of English, the global language for a better and bright future. Hence we have English language classes every week in the laboratory dedicated to language learning where students access audio and visual materials. The language teacher helps students to listen to, and manage audio through headsets and individual computers to complete exercises in the prescribed workbook.